The Parrots of Feathered Sanctuary

Exotic birds are often stolen from their natural habitat to be used strictly for breeding purposes. Their wings will be clipped.  Some will never become a pet and most will never be released.  The foundation of animal as a commodity disrupts natural ecosystems and establishes a market predicated on perceived beauty and quick consumerism.  

 I am grateful that rescues like Feathered Sanctuary exist. They and others like them are willing to take on the responsibility of these wild creatures once the novelty of their purchase has faded away.

 In my photographs I wanted to capture the beauty and individual personality of these “unwanted” birds in the style of a Renaissance still life. Many parrots in these images are available for adoption and many more are surrendered to rescues every day. All profits from print sales will go to Feathered Sanctuary and donations are appreciated.

 “….Nothing but an object of beauty. No longer in it’s own sense a living thing, it has become a possession.”

 “Who could buy or possess such an avian magnificence against the blue sky?”

-Barbara Kingsolver – on the poaching of Costa Rican Scarlet Macaws from the book- Small Wonders